About us

Dealshubs.com is an Online Marketplace for offering and purchasing Box Opened, Certified Refurbished and Certified Used Mobiles and Tablets. All items sold on Dealshubs experience a thorough Quality Checking process (QUTrust) and we give maintenance agreement (which is overseen by our accomplice Gadgets Warranty). We offer our purchasers and merchants a helpful commercial center through our online stage. The merchants use Dealshubs' coordinated coordinations support to open up a Pan-India Market and the purchasers have a place to look for deals and be lay guaranteed on the nature of the items they buy. 

What we offer 

•    Extensive 75 point Quality Check for all items (QUTrust) 

•    we give maintenance agreement – Box Opened/Excess Stock, Certified Refurbished and Certified Used 

•    Cross-city exchanges at a Pan-India level 

•    Fully coordinated Logistics bolster 

•    Easy installment alternatives (Online or Cash On Delivery) 

•    Secure and bother free settlement 

•    3-day merchandise exchange 

•    Online dealer board for overseeing exchanges, items, and stock 

•    Complete straightforwardness in exchanges 

•    Help work area bolster (without toll access to Experience Center, Online Chat, and Email too) 

Offer for our Sellers 

•    Singular, very much promoted stage that wipes out city-wise value dissimilarity forCertified utilized telephones which is predominant among the disconnected market and other online destinations like Olx and Quikr. 

•    Seller records the item on Dealshubs at no cost, opening up a container India Market 

•    Easy and snappy empanelment on Dealshubs 

•    Dealshubs is in charge of the coordinations 

•    Dealshubs is in charge of assessment and accreditation 

•    Dealshubs includes guarantee – builds potential available to be purchased (for one year) 

•    Dealshubs is in charge of accumulation 

•    Dealshubs is in charge of settlement of offer continues 

•    Dealshubs is in charge of profits, if the need ought to emerge 

•    Dedicated Experience Center, online access to merchant's board 

•    Complete straightforwardness and process following by means of Dealshubs.com 

•    Social Aspect – Platform for new Entrepreneurs 

Offer for the Buyer 

•    Buyer straightforward entry - gets decision of colossal assortment of items at awesome costs 

•    Assured of nature of item 

•    Assured of guarantee on item 

•    Price examination between various venders/areas 

•    Seller's evaluations and reputation are accessible 

•    Option of paying on the web/money down (COD) 

•    Receives the item at doorstep, anyplace Pan-India 

•    Dedicated Experience Center 

•    Complete straightforwardness and process following through Dealshubs.com 

What are we offering? 

Dealshubs is offering Box Opened , Certified Refurbished and Certified Used Mobiles and Tablets. 

Box Opened - These gadgets are completely new and in culminate working condition. The seals on the first boxes conveying these gadgets are open and the cases may have some minor wear and tear. These items are tried by Dealshubs Quality utilizing our exclusive QUTrust programming. Purchase unpacked items from awesome brands however Dealshubs and get a totally new item with incredible investment funds. 

Guaranteed Refurbished - These gadgets are 'new' and have experienced some minor repair by the makers (e.g. Samsung, LG, Apple). The producers are so certain of their quality that they offer their own guarantee like some other new gadget. These items are additionally tried by Dealshubs Quality Team utilizing our exclusive QUTrust programming. Purchase Refurbished items from worldwide brands at Dealshubs and get another looking and completely working item with awesome reserve funds. 

Guaranteed Used – Certified Used items are the ones which have been possessed by another person before you. The buy and specialized administration groups of Dealshubs distinguish these items. They are taken through an intensive restoration process utilizing our exclusive QUTrust programming and made accessible at the best cost to our purchasers. Purchase Certified Preowned items from Dealshubs with finish genuine feelings of serenity. 

Why are we offering? 

Dealshubs obliges the helpful estimation of the purchasers who need to purchase cell phones at bring down costs without trading off on Warranty and Quality. We give a stage that achieves cross-city value equality by taking out the disadvantages of Channels and existing Online practices of players like OLX and Quikr who don't give Logistical help to empower cross-city exchanges. 

Where do the items originate from? 

In India 20-25 Million gadgets are come back to merchants consistently. Some of which are Box Opened while others might be broken. Broken items are come back to the makers and are restored by them. In this manner is made an expansive reserve of items that are either classified as Box Opened or Refurbished. 

Shoppers tend to purchase cell phones each year however this does not imply that they scrap their old gadgets. These old gadgets have their own particular remaining life and can be sold as Pre-claimed. 

What is the nature of the items? 

All Box Opened and Refurbished gadgets are equivalent to new and convey Manufacturer Warranty for a time of 0-11 months. Dealshubs guarantees every gadget experiences a thorough Quality Check process (QUTrust) and includes the remaining guarantee (oversaw by Gadgets Warranty) to give the end client a year guarantee and finish significant serenity. 

Pre-claimed gadgets, once got from the vender, are additionally subject to the same thorough Quality Check process (QUTrust). The gadgets are then appropriately pressed in unique boxes and sent to the purchaser guaranteeing it comes to in great condition alongside QC pass testament and Warranty of a half year (oversaw by Gadgets Warranty). 

What is the guarantee on the item? 

Box Opened and Certified Refurbished Devices are affirmed tried and conveys a year guarantee - producer guarantee of 0-11 months and remaining guarantee period is secured by Gadgets Warranty. 

Affirmed Used gadgets are additionally overhauled, guaranteed tried and convey guarantee for a year which is given by Gadgets Warranty. 

What is the bundling state of the items – would they say they are box stuffed/fixed? 

Box Opened and Certified Refurbished gadgets are conveyed in the first maker's bundling without seal. 

Confirmed Used gadgets are conveyed in uncommonly composed bundling of Dealshubs. 

By what means will people offer their old items on Dealshubs? 

Offering on Dealshubs is exceptionally basic. Venders need to enlist themselves online by rounding out a straightforward frame and experience the online understanding. Endless supply of the terms and conditions, the items might be recorded available to be purchased on Dealshubs. The dealer has the alternative of either sending their gadget to Dealshubs ahead of time (Dealshubs' satisfaction focus) or once the gadget is sold and refreshed to the merchant on the online board. Dealshubs will be in charge of the whole coordinations. It would be ideal if you call us for subtle elements. 

How is Dealshubs not quite the same as OLX, Quikr, others? 

There are various variables that recognize Dealshubs from some other site chipping away at comparable lines- 

•    Certified Refurbished and Box Opened gadgets sold on Dealshubs convey running guarantee dissimilar to OLX and Quikr 

•    Certified Used gadgets Sold on Dealshubs convey Quality Checked Certificate (QUTrust) dissimilar to OLX and Quikr 

•    Certified Used gadgets sold on Dealshubs convey a year guarantee from Gadgets Warranty dissimilar to OLX and Quikr 

•    Sellers can achieve a Pan-India Market of potential purchasers not at all like OLX and Quikr wherein exchanges are area bound 

•    Dealshubs has completely incorporated Logistics support to convey to any area Pan-India dissimilar to OLX and Quikr 

•    OLX and Quikr are in truth more like Yellow Pages, they don't have any genuine part in the purchasing offering process – they are only a stage for ad. This isn't the situation with Dealshubs 

•    Dealshubs improves the possibilities of the merchant and gives finish significant serenity to the purchaser. This isn't the situation with OLX and Quikr as they have no methods for consoling either the merchant or purchaser. 

Who are the dealers? 

Anybody can offer Box Opened, Refurbished and Pre-Owned cell phones on Dealshubs – they can be Channel accomplices managing in Box Opened or Refurbished telephones or any person who wishes to offer his/her old gadget. 

What is required to enroll as a vender on Dealshubs? 

So as to enroll, the accompanying will be required for Bulk Sellers – Director's/Proprietor's Identity Proof (Aadhar Card/Voter Card), Director's/Proprietor's PAN Card, Director's/Proprietor's Address confirmation (Utility bill), Company's Sales Tax enlistment declaration, Company's Address Proof, Company's PAN card, Company's Bank account subtle elements (Bank Name, Account Number, MICR Code, IFSC Code, Branch Name, Branch Address), Canceled check from Company's record, Company's Billing Address and Delivery/Pick Up Address. 

On the off chance that the dealer is an individual, the accompanying is required - Identity Proof (Aadhar Card/Voter Card), PAN Card, Bank account subtle elements (Bank Name, Account Number, MICR Code, IFSC Code, Branch Name, Branch Address), Billing Address and Delivery/Pick Up Address. 

Who are the purchasers? 

Anybody hoping to purchase a Box Opened, Refurbished or Certified Pre-possessed cell phone or tablet from wherever in India can be our purchaser. Purchasers might be people or even Channel Partners. Dealshubs takes into account every one of the fragments – B2B, B2C and C2C. The purchasers have the alternative of acquiring the gadget by either paying internet utilizing their credit/platinum cards or profit Cash on conveyance. It is the duty of Dealshubs to guarantee that the gadget comes to inside conferred time anyplace in India. 

What is QUTrust? 

QuTust is a broad 75 point Quality Check process for all items that outcomes in item accreditation before any item is dispatched to the purchaser. QUTrust guarantees that the purchaser is guaranteed of the nature of the item and has finish genuine feelings of serenity. For more I